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Over door shoulder pulley


About the product

  • It fits over most doors
  • Simple to use for pain relief, to improve flexibility, to develop strength and mobility in arms and shoulder joint
  • The shoulder pulley has comfortable handles, and helps build strength as well as lengthen muscles
  • It has a roller pulley system with bright blue nylon rope
  • Easy to set up and store when not in use

Shoulder pulleys are best utilized early in the rehabilitation process to help regain motion, decrease stiffness and promote blood flow to aid in the healing process.



A shoulder pulley is usually recommended for people with stiff or frozen shoulder. Frozen shoulder often presents as difficulty or pain raising arm for basic functional tasks like dressing up, brushing your hair or putting on a belt. For some people, pain is worse at night and may even disturb normal sleep pattern. Shoulder pain is common in people with diabetes; it may also occur as a result of injury, sprain or strain or as an occupational hazard (repetitive strain injury).

A shoulder pulley is also a prevention strategy for arthritis and loss of shoulder motion and function. It is great for rehabilitation/recovery from shoulder injury or after surgery. It helps to restore proper function to the shoulder.


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