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Back Posture Corrector


About the product

  • Corrects slouching and trains muscles to provide proper back support
  • Breathable foam padding provides all day comfort for posture correcting support
  • The straps are comfortable, adjustable, stay in place and do not pinch or irritate
  • They have strong adhesive fasteners which create a secure hold that will not slip, roll or loosen
  • Relieves back pain by straightening the muscles

A resistance band was added to the pack to help you strengthen your muscles; it is recommended that you use it three times a week

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Poor posture causes you to hunch, slouch, & roll your shoulders. The damage to your muscles and joints leads to pain, stiffness and misalignment of your spine. Poor posture may be heredity, or due to muscle imbalance, excessive weight, habit, injury or certain repetitive motions.

Using a back braces, recommended exercises and conscious readjustments can help to correct posture. This posture corrector brace is a lightweight figure eight brace that can easily be worn underneath your clothing. It has a padded brace that pulls back the shoulders to maintain proper posture.


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