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Adjustable Thumb and Wrist support



  • It is comfortable, provides warmth which helps to soothe and relieve wrist or hand pain
  • It provides support for weak or injured wrist
  • Thumb loop provides support as well as allow good range of motion for the hand
  • The fabric is antimicrobial thus it reduces growth of odor-causing bacteria
  • It fits both left and right wrists
  • You can wear this wrist brace day or night to reduce pain note: it is not a cure to injury or sprains


To maximize the pain relief from a brace, combining it with basic first aid (PRICE) and lifestyle changes. PRICE is an acronym for:

  • Protect your wrist with the brace, band or splint
  • Rest your wrist particularly from repetitive motions or twisting of hand and wrist
  • Ice your wrist after use to decrease pain and swelling
  • Compress wrist with a sleeve or elastic bandage to speed up healing
  • Elevate your wrist if needed

You could also apply a topical pain gel or ointments or take pain relievers if need be. Eat foods rich in natural anti-inflammatory product to encourage healing.

Speak with your doctor or physiotherapist if pain persists. Once your pain is controlled, your physiotherapist will recommend a safe stretch and strengthening exercise program for your wrist.


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