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Porcupine Massage Ball




About the product

  • The Porcupine Massage balls are spiky like a porcupine
  • It is used for acupuncture like body massage to energize, relax or stimulate and improve blood flow, relieve muscle pain, tight knots and tension – stiff neck, sore back, calf or butt
  • It is also used for hand or foot reflexology, can be used to invigorate tired or painful feet or hands
  • The pack contains 4 colourful balls – 2 different sizes and 2 different consistencies (hard and soft)
  • The yellow ball is soft and measures 7.5cm; the green ball is also soft but measures slightly bigger 9cm. Both balls can be used for a gentle moderate intensity massage
  • The red and blue balls are hard balls, measuring 7.5cm and 9cm respectively. These are used for higher intensity massages
  • When rolled along the muscles (unassisted by yourself, or assisted by a partner), it provides a kneading effect
  • It may be used alone or in combination with a pain relieving ointment/gel or in combination with a wooden foot roller
  • A reflexology card comes with the pack
  • You can also self massage by sitting or laying on your massage ball, or leaning on a wall, then use your body weight to apply pressure to a tight muscle in a rolling manner


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